Heisey Alexandrite

Heisey Alexandrite

Heisey Alexandrite This color was described in the national magazines as being tinted like some rare orchid petal, a dainty, tantalizing purple. Alexandrite is often confused with Hawthorne, another Heisey […]

Heisey Amber

Heisey Amber Glass

Heisey Amber Glass This color was produced periodically during the lifetime of the Heisey company. Much Amber was made for Fred Harvey, both for railroad and restaurant use. Amber was […]

Heisey Canary Vaseline

Heisey Canary Vaseline Gallery

Heisey Canary Vaseline Canary and Vaseline are the same greenish-yellow, referred to as “Canary” by Heisey and as “Vaseline” by collectors. This glass will glow bright yellow under a black […]

Heisey Cobalt

Heisey Cobalt Gallery

Heisey Cobalt Heisey sometimes referred to Cobalt as “Stiegel Blue.” Cobalt is, as the name implies, a very deep shade of blue.It was used for numerous items, including the #110 […]

Heisey Dawn

Heisey Dawn Gallery

Heisey Dawn This was a late color, still being produced at the time of Heisey’s closing at the end of 1957. It is like smoke or a dark gray, and […]

Heisey Emerald

Heisey Emerald Gallery

Heisey Emerald Emerald was produced during the first color period, dating from as early as 1897. It is often found with gold rims and is a dark, deep green.It will […]

Heisey Flamingo

Heisey Flamingo Gallery

Heisey Flamingo Flamingo can be collected in numerous heisey patterns that were popular during the late 1920s and 1930s. It ranges from light pastel pink to a deep rose.Full table […]

Heisey Hawthorne

Heisey Hawthorn Gallery

Heisey Hawthorne Hawthorne was first introduced in 1926. This color is found in several shades, from lightest lavender to a brownish, muddy purple. Because of the inconsistency in the color […]

Heisey Marigold

Heisey Marigold

Heisey Marigold This was a brassy amber gold that was made for a short time. The color was susceptible to cracking as it cooled, creating much waste. Marigold was discontinued […]

Heisey Moongleam

Heisey Moongleam

Heisey Moongleam Moongleam was probably the first of the pastel colors that Heisey introduced in the mid-1920s. It is basically a lighter form of Emerald, although the early Moongleam pieces […]

Heisey Sahara

Heisey Sahara

Heisey Sahara A sparkling pastel yellow color introduced by Heisey to replace the failed Marigold color, Sahara was well received by the public.Sahara was made in a many different patterns […]