Heisey Collectors of America – Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Is Heisey glass still being produced?
A. A.H. Heisey & Co. closed in 1957, so Heisey glass is no longer produced. However, HCA owns many of the original Heisey molds and reproduces select items for fundraising purposes. To distinquish these reproductions from the originals, a piece is not made in the same color(s) in which Heisey made it and is marked with “HCA,” the year of reproduction, and a letter or symbol representing the glass company that reproduced it.
Q. Are all pieces of Heisey marked/signed?
A. Yes and no! When the finished product left the factory, all pieces were marked. Some pieces had the famous “Diamond H” molded into the glass, while others had only a paper label identifying them as Heisey. Blown pieces only had the paper label. Molded pieces were all to be marked with the Diamond H in the glass, but wear on the molds sometimes prevented a clear mark. The mark could also be polished off when the glass went back into the glory hole for the final fire polishing. In addition, the Diamond H is not always on the bottom or in the middle of the item. Heisey was very good at putting the mark in unnoticeable places. Stemware is a prime example. But just because you can’t find the mark, don’t let a good piece of Heisey slip through your hands. A little studying will go a long way to help you identify that unmarked piece of Heisey.
Q. Is this piece Heisey?
A. No, this “Cow on a Nest” was made in Taiwan and sold by A. A. Importing of St. Louis. It has what some people have mistaken to be the Heisey Diamond H on the bottom, but the mark can best be described as an H in a square turned on its corner. The Heisey trademark is approximately twice as tall as it is wide. This item was never made by Heisey in any shape, size or color, and the quality of glass is quite poor when compared to Heisey glassware. There are also various bird “on nest” dishes being imported. You may see these pieces listed as Heisey or Heisey reproductions, but they are NOT. You should also know that several glass companies in the U.S. did and still do make items like this, but they are marked with the glass manufacture’s trademark and are not being sold as Heisey. The Museum has several of these covered dishes on display along with other fakes, look-a-likes and reproductions. Know your dealer and study your Heisey books and you won’t have any problems in this area. Below are photos of both the mark on the Cow dish and a true Heisey mark. sqh~1
non heisey mark (pictured above)
actual Heisey mark (pictured above)