Heritage: “denoting a traditional brand or product regarded as emblematic of fine craftmanship.”

Heisey glassware certainly meets that definition. And that is why we chose the name Heisey Heritage Auction for an exciting addition to our auction calendar.

Our second Heisey Heritage Auction is a 361 lot on-line only auction using the HiBid platform. Those of you who participated in the last Heisey Heritage Auction will be familiar with the on-line features including the availability of pre-bidding and the “soft close” which allows for an exciting opportunity to bid in real time against other Heisey fanatics! Instructions on setting up your HiBid account and registering for the auction are included on this webpage.

Important dates for the Heisey Heritage Auction:

September 24: 361 lots available for viewing at www.HeiseyMuseum.HiBid.com
October 1
: Pre-bidding opens at 8:00 AM ET
October 8: Live bidding opens at 12 Noon ET
October 13: Glass available for pick-up at the National Heisey Glass Museum at 10 AM ET
November 1: Deadline for glass pick-up at the Museum

A copy of the catalog and a searchable PDF version are included on this webpage. Also posted is a copy of Walter Ludwig’s auction highlights article which features items from both the Heritage and the Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction.

This Heisey Heritage Auction has treasures for all collectors. We hope you will join us on-line for the fall edition of our newest auction.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Auction Team at auction@HeiseyMuseum.org. And, remember, proceeds from all our auctions support the National Heisey Glass Museum so bid high and bid often!


Walter Ludwig

We have finished cataloging the items for the 2022 Fall HCA Auctions. You should have received your catalog by now (it was sent to all HCA members). Once again, we have two auctions. On Saturday, October 8, we will have our second Heisey Heritage Auction which will be an on-line only auction using the HiBid platform which has proven to be a very successful venue for our auctions. On October 15, we will have the Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction which will be both in person and on-line (HiBid). These auctions represent the full range of production of the Heisey Glass Company from their beginnings until the doors closed in 1957. There is something for everyone in these auctions from the standard production to true rarities that you seldom are given a chance to buy.


This auction offers 361 lots with a wide selection of Heisey glass. There is a full range of Heisey patterns, colors, and items to satisfy any collector. There are plenty of lots of Dawn and Hawthorne as well as many lots of 1252 Twist in Flamingo (Lots 305-315, 326-331). Among the individual items available are 1401 Empress buffet 4 part relish (3), 1404 Old Sandwich decanter (4), 1540 Lariat round egg plate (26), 1201 Fandango celery vase (132) and water bottle (272), and a Flamingo 2517 Teardrop pitcher (226). Check your catalog for other items. It is surprisingly easy to register and bid on the HiBid platform so check it out and give it a try.


With 310 lots this auction does offer a wide variety of different Heisey items, but it is the auction that you are more likely to find rarities that seldom come available. This year is no different in that we have many lots of special Heisey items ready for bidding. This year’s auction is specially rich in the number of candlesticks being offered with 31 lots available (180-183, 211-237) including pairs of 105 Pembroke 9” candelabra in Moongleam (213), 137 Concave Circle in all the colors made (219-222), 20 Sheffield 9” (180) and 7” (229), and 110 Sandwich Dolphin in Amber (216). There is a good selection of 325 Pillows (25-31) including cracker jar, syrup, and molasses. Lots 63-70 include a great selection of bar glasses and 80-82 include three very hard to find 1489 Puritan ashtrays. Lots 138–146 offers a fine selection of tumblers and sodas. Many early pressed goblets are available in the stemware lots offered (189-201).

Individual items offered include 477 large Hairpin pitcher (3), 1413 Cathedral vase straight in Flamingo (5), two of the large 342 Flat Panel vases: #4 drop flange (19) and with perforated top (21), 1434 Tom and Jerry mug (78), two colonial pieces in Flamingo: 300 Peerless sherbet (158) and 341 Puritan oyster cocktail (159), and 1519 Waverly 8” plate with pressed rose center (280). Interesting figurals include a 1522 Standing Colt with frosted highlights – mane, tail, and hooves (98), an Amber 1 large Elephant (104), a 2 Madonna frosted (108), and a 1 Madonna frosted Limelight (290).

Other interesting pieces in color include a 1280 Winged Scroll ring holder Custard (123), 337 Touraine sherbet in experimental Tangerine (155), and a 4091 Kimberly vase with Zircon bowl (292). We have a great representation of deep plate etched items (246-268) including one piece of each of the six different Circus etches (260-265). Other outstanding decorated items include 5032 ice lip tankard with 507 Orchid etch (277), 4056 Caesar salad bowl with 480 Normandie etch (283), a 7033 mailbox with 679 Windsor cut (300), and a 4085 6” Saturn optic ball vase with elaborate cutting (304). Space limitations prevent me from going on, but as you can see there is plenty for offer in these auctions. I hope you will be able to join me and all of your Heisey friends for these great events. I look forward to seeing you either on-line on October 8 or in person or on-line October 15.

Past Heritage Auction Results