In 2008, the Board of Directors approved an auction policy for accepting member’s glass for consignment to benefit HCA and support the Museum. This policy allows HCA to accept unlimited quantities of glass consigned or donated from our members. Depending on the size of the consignment/collection, HCA may sell the glass over several years.

We currently accept not only pieces made by the A. H. Heisey Company but consignments and/or donations of glass made by any company using a Heisey mould.

If you, as a member, are interested in downsizing or changing the focus of your collection, contact us to discuss the process for consigning your glass to HCA for the benefit of the National Heisey Glass Museum.

If you are a member’s representative, executor or executrix of a member’s estate, or other such person legally responsible to make decisions on the sale of member’s glass, feel free to contact us regarding the dispersal of glass through our auction process.

HCA will conduct auctions in which the glass will be sold. Glass will be auctioned off in a timely manner not to exceed the terms agreed to in the contract executed with the member or member’s representative. When glass is sold at an auction, HCA will provide a consignment settlement for the glass sold not later than fifteen days after the auction.

If you would like more information, please contact our Auction Firm Manager:
Roy Eggert |  | 240-361-8146