HCA Policy:  Accepting Member Glass for Consignment
Approved: July 26, 2008
1) It is the policy of the Board of Directors to accept consignments of glass made by the A. H. Heisey company and glass made by other companies from Heisey moulds for sale from members* of HCA for the benefit of HCA and the National Heisey Glass Museum.
a) Consignment of 40 lots or less per member will be accepted and the member will follow the rules and procedures approved by the board for the HCA Benefit auction.
b) If the consignment is larger than 40 lots per member, the member will be referred to the Auction Committee (Executive Committee). The Executive Committee will designate an individual to follow up with the member and establish tentative conditions for the consignment. The individual will report back to the Auction Committee that will accept or reject the consignment in whole or in part and establish conditions it deems appropriate for the consignment.
c) If glass is to be received from an estate or from a collection downsizing or dispersal, HCA will work with the member to bring about the sale of the member’s glass. All proceeds going to HCA after expenses will benefit the National Heisey Glass Museum.
d) HCA will conduct an auction(s) in which the glass will be sold. Glass will be auctioned off in a timely manner not to exceed two calendar years from the date of delivery of glass to the HCA museum. Once glass is sold at an auction, HCA will provide a consignment settlement for the glass sold not later than fifteen days after the auction.
e) HCA currently holds two auctions yearly. The HCA Auction Committee will determine the auction (or auctions) at which the glass will be sold and may place a member’s glass into one or more auctions if to do so is in the best interests of HCA, as determined by the committee.
f) The Auction Committee will determine commission rates on consignments greater than 40 lots per member.
2) As a general rule, glass will be accepted under following conditions:
a) The member agrees to accept all responsibility for providing a merchantable title for all the glass to be sold.
b)  The member is responsible for delivery of the glass to the National Glass Heisey Museum. HCA accepts responsibility for the glass once it is received by the museum, except any glass received that is damaged will be referred back to the shipper and member.
c) The Auction Committee is authorized to reject any glass made by the A H Heisey Company and glass made by other companies from Heisey moulds not deemed acceptable for sale in accordance with HCA standards. These rejected items may be returned to the member if they desire, at their expense. If the owner does not want the item(s) returned or refuses to pay for shipping, the item(s) become the property of HCA.
d) It is the responsibility of the member to provide an inventory list of glass with the consignment. If no such list is made available to HCA, the HCA Auction Committee may, at its convenience; inventory said glass and prepare an accurate inventory. Said inventory will be sent to the member and stand as an accurate accounting of glass received by the HCA. If no inventory list is prepared, the glass will be sold at auction(s) with a consignment check(s), but no inventory list, provided to the member.
*For the purposes of this policy, the term “member” means member, member’s representative, executor or executrix of member’s estate, or such other person legally responsible to make decisions on the sale of member’s glass.