Heisey Canary Vaseline Gallery

Heisey Canary Vaseline

Canary and Vaseline are the same greenish-yellow, referred to as “Canary” by Heisey and as “Vaseline” by collectors. This glass will glow bright yellow under a black light.Because Canary is an early color, known pieces are of the earlier patterns of #150 Pointed Oval in Diamond Point, #1280 Winged Scroll, #160 Locket on Chain. Pieces from this era tend to be bright yellow in color.The color was reissued in a limited supply after 1922 and may be found in #465 Recessed Panel, #351 Priscilla, #473 Narrow Flute with Rim, #451 Cross Lined Flute, #1184 Yeoman, and #1020 cream and sugar. The pieces will usually be accessories, such as vases and compotes. Items found in this later Canary tend to be paler and subtler in color.

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Photography by Michael Morgan of the Heisey Collectors of Texas