Heisey Zircon Limelight

Heisey Zircon / Limelight

Limelight and Zircon are the same color; the name changed to Limelight when the color was reissued in the 1950s. Zircon is blue-green, similar to turquoise. However, due to problems in production, there are variations of shades within this color. Some pieces of Limelight tend to be ultramarine, a light to deep greenish blue. Most shades will fluoresce under black light.Zircon can be found in the following patterns: #1485 Saturn, #1504 Provincial, and #1495 Fern. Limelight can be found in #6060 Country Club barware, screen optic. Duncan Miller produced a color similar to Limelight in a pattern like Saturn. When purchasing Limelight in this pattern, do your research if the item is unsigned.

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Photography by Michael Morgan of the Heisey Collectors of Texas