Absentee Ballot Requests

All HCA voting members in good standing (dues paid) are eligible to vote in the June election held during the Annual Meeting.

Voting members unable to attend the Annual Meeting may vote by absentee ballot. To obtain an absentee ballot you may:
• Pick one up at the museum.
• Email a ballot request to Membership@HeiseyMuseum.org.
• Fax a ballot request to 740-345-9638.
• Mail a ballot request to: HCA Absentee Ballot, National Heisey Glass Museum, 169 W Church St, Newark, OH 43055.
• Call the museum, 740-345-2932.

The ballot will be mailed to you along with specific instructions for voting. To be counted, your ballot must be received at the museum by 4 p.m. ET on Friday, June 7.

If you are not a voting member and wish to become one, you may pay a one-time $25 voting member fee entitling you to vote in all HCA elections. An application is included in Heisey News or you may contact the museum, 740-345-2932. The deadline for becoming a voting member to vote in this year’s election is Friday, June 7.

2024 HCA BOD Candidates


Bari Fauss


Jay Goletz

Jay Goletz


David Malick

David Mallick



I bought my first piece of Heisey about 40 years ago. I grew up surrounded by Heisey because both my parents loved it, and they passed that love on to me. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of Mom and Dad finding a piece of Heisey while antiquing and their enthusiasm for collecting such beautiful glass. I started attending the annual convention with my mom back in the 1990s and I look back fondly on those days and wish she were still here to continue attending with me.

I have a BA in Art History from George Washington University. I have been a legal secretary for most of my career which is coming to an end April 30. I look forward to the next phase of my life as a retiree seeking meaningful, life fulfilling things to do, including travel and Heisey hunting.

I have been volunteering at the museum for about six years now, helping
catalog auction glass and working during the spring and fall live auctions. Initially I ran for the Board in 2020 because I wanted to become more involved in shaping how the museum moves forward into the future, build the membership by introducing younger generations to the beautiful glass we all love and
do whatever I can to make sure the museum (and the heritage it stands for) remains vibrant and strong.

None of that has changed as I ask for your vote again in 2024. It is important, now more than ever before, as we seek to make sure the museum has the underpinnings and infrastructure to go the distance, beyond the life span of the current membership, that there be continuity and consensus on the Board.

Hello, just wanted to introduce myself to those new members who do not know me yet. I am running for my second consecutive term for the HCA board of directors. I have lived in Newark for almost 35 years where I met my lovely wife, Julie, who is also an HCA member. We have both been members for over 11 years, and members of the Buckeye Heisey Collectors Club. As far as being interested in glass, I believe I must have got it from my mom who was a collector of various pieces of Fenton, Fostoria, Imperial Glass and others, especially carnival glass. I was always fascinated by how it shines once it is polished. I must thank Michael Maher for getting me started in this great hobby and organization. This organization is only as good as its members, and I firmly believe we have the best around.

I really enjoy seeing this group kick in and volunteer to help with certain activities and we need more of this! There are a bunch of committees that anybody can help on, and you don’t have to be local to join. I am chairperson of the Properties Committee and sit on the Warehouse Committee and have seen a lot of
successes over the past couple of years, from painting the exterior of the buildings, fix the walkway, new fountain, and getting the new security cameras installed (finally!) just to name a few. I believe that the Board has done a lot, but I know that we can do more with your help. My goals are to help Heisey grow in the neighborhood and to assist with getting more of the youth interested in HCA to grow our ranks. More importantly, however, my goal as a board member is to keep bringing your interests to the rest of the HCA organization. We need to be more open with each other and help cancel this negativity and division. I urge you to reach out specifically to a certain board member or president with advice and
recommendations. We all need to work together. Thank you.

I have been a glass collector for over 30 years. I joined HCA and the Heisey Collectors Club of MI 14 years ago. During that time, I have volunteered to produce several books as fundraisers for HCA including:

• Heisey Design Patents
• Heisey Invention Patents
• Table Glass and How to Use It: A Handbook for the Hostess
• Choosing Your Crystal Pattern
• Gifts of Glassware
• Encyclopedia of Heisey Advertising – Volume I: Newspaper
• Encyclopedia of Heisey Advertising – Volume II: Advertising to the Public
• Table Talk

In addition, I produced the reprint of the Heisey Candlesticks Candelabra and Lamps book as well as the first printing of the Encyclopedia of Heisey Glassware Volume II-Cuttings and Engravings. Some of these projects involved direct reprints of existing materials and others involved the research and assembly of
materials into a coherent whole.

I serve as secretary of the HCC of MI and the chair of the HCA Research and Archives committee. As Heisey collectors, we are fortunate that Heisey glassware is one of the most well documented American art forms available. I think that providing context and background about what we collect is key to attracting new collectors and members. I believe that HCA should make the preservation of its
archives and the sharing of that material with its membership and the general public a high priority. The Research and Archives committee has begun to make progress in this area as it touches on so many other areas such as education and ultimately makes Heisey glassware relevant to a wider audience of potential collectors. As a board member, I will continue to work toward this goal and encourage a more open and constructive relationship between the board and members at large.