The purpose of the National Heisey Glass Museum Archives is to collect, preserve and make accessible certain material within HCA’s archival holdings relating to A. H. Heisey & Co., the Heisey family, other glass manufacturers and other related subjects, as well as non-current records of HCA itself. The Archives serves as the repository for these archival materials. The current National Heisey Glass Museum Archives, operated by and consisting of holdings which are property of the Heisey Collectors of America, Inc., was established in 1993 when HCA expanded the Museum by building the Addition, which included a climate-controlled archival facility. The Archives is currently housed in two separate areas: records of the A.H. Heisey & Co. are kept in the climate-controlled facility on the second floor of the Addition, while noncurrent records of HCA are kept in a room on the second floor of the Administrative Building. Prior to 1993, archival material concerning the Heisey Company was stored on the second floor of the Administrative Building.

As the preservation of archival materials is the basis for the Archives Program, every effort shall be made to provide the proper facilities, environment, and resources to prolong the life of the records in custody.

The Archivist/Librarian of the Museum Archives is the employee whose job it is to organize and catalog, maintain computerized listings of, establish and maintain storage systems for, and provide access to all archival material held by HCA. The Archivist/Librarian also serves as supervising librarian of the Museum’s Louise Ream Library.

Archival material may be used by researchers, regardless of whether or not they are HCA members, on a pre-approved, pre-scheduled appointment only basis. The Archives Program provides reference services without favor or prejudice and does not grant privileged or exclusive use of material unless required to do so by law. The rules and regulations regarding access to the archival material, as stated on the mandatory Researcher Application Form. Researchers must complete the Researcher Application Form and an Archival Material Request Form before archival materials may be used. Please contact Museum Curator at (740) 345-2932 for more information.

Records are made accessible through exhibits and displays, public programs and events, articles in the newsletter, and pre-approved, pre-scheduled research visits to the Archives.