The mission of the National Heisey Glass Museum is to preserve, collect, and interpret Heisey glass, related materials, and information. Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. established the National Heisey Glass Museum (NHGM) in Newark in 1972 to display and promote the study of the products of the A.H. Heisey & Company (1896-1957), primarily for HCA’s members. The NHGM opened in September 1974 and was dedicated in June 1975. HCA has maintained the museum and HCA’s national membership in turn has generously supported the facility. This support has enabled the organization to continue to build its collection, maintain archives, add a 6,000 square foot addition to the original King House, establish an endowment, and hire professional staff – among other accomplishments. The National Heisey Glass Museum is the place for members of Heisey Collectors of America and all who have an appreciation of fine glassware to see an outstanding collection and learn more about A.H. Heisey & Company and its beautiful products.

Heisey Collectors of America is poised to move the museum forward in decisive ways. To achieve its mission to preserve, collect, and interpret Heisey glass and related materials and information, HCA recognizes that it must make plans for the facility’s future. The Heisey Collectors of America’s strategic plan for the museum envisions a variety of exciting prospects.

These goals will be realized through the prudent management and steady increase of financial, administrative, and personnel resources and will enable Heisey Collectors of America to make the National Heisey Glass Museum the best it can be.