Spring Benefit Auction

2018 HCA Spring Benefit Auction
Dave Spahr, HCA Auction Chair

The 45th Annual HCA Spring Benefit Auction which supports the National Heisey Glass Museum will be held at the GMP Local #244 Union Hall at 350 Hudson Ave., Newark, OH for the tenth consecutive year.  We have set the date – will be Friday-Saturday, April 13-14, 2018.  Mark your calendar and save the dates!

This HCA event is our largest annual fundraiser to benefit the museum.  HCA makes its money from the consignment fees collected, the auctioning of donated glass, and from glass not sold at the auction but later in the gift shop.  As always, we are looking into ways to improve and expand our auction to make it better for purchasers and consignors.  We are also looking for activities that would fit nicely with the auction.  If you have any ideas let any Board member or me know.

On this website  you will find a 2018 Spring Benefit Auction Consignor Packing List and the 2018 Spring Benefit Auction Contract for you to download and use.  They are also in the October 2017 issue of the Heisey News.  As before, each member and household member can donate any amount of Heisey glassware and can consign up to forty (40) lots each.  There is no limit to the number of items in each lot and we are encouraging each consignor to size each lot so it is valued at more than $25.00.  The Auction Committee reserves the right to modify lots but will do so sparingly.   Please note that for this auction we accept glass made from Heisey moulds by other manufacturers.  Glass not made from Heisey moulds will not be sold and will be returned at the consignor’s expense or become a donation to HCA.

Please read over the auction agreement carefully, as it, once signed, is an agreement between you and HCA.  Please use the packing list to list items and group them into lots as you wish them to be. Each box should have its own packing list.  Remember to put a “D” beside the lot number(s) on the packing lists for those lots you wish to donate to HCA.  Please be certain the packing lists include ALL of your items, that you fill in each line completely – Pattern #/Name, description, cut/etch, color, if marked, glass condition, and quantity.  Please fill out completely two copies of the auction contract and sign and date each copy.  Place them with two complete sets of packing lists in the first box you submit.  We will return one signed copy to you.  Those who donate glass will be given a donation slip after the auction to use at tax time.

The success of this auction depends on the quality and quantity of glass consigned and donated.  FYI, our auction committee has been rejecting damaged, chipped, scratched and cloudy pieces with the goal of improving this quality of our glass at our auctions.  We are requesting you to send (donate, consign) GOOD DAMAGE FREE GLASS.  Please look through your Heisey and donate and/or consign some to us to help support YOUR museum.  Consignments and donations for the auction must be received by Monday, January 15, 2018.

If you need more information, need answers to questions, and have ideas for special activities, please contact me, Dave Spahr, by telephone 937-372-7166, or by email at masdgs@aol.com.  Please plan on attending this great event and place this event on your calendar now for 2018!

Happy Heisey Hunting!!

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