Spring Benefit Auction

2017 HCA Spring Benefit Auction
Dave Spahr, HCA Auction Chair

The 44th Annual Spring All Heisey Benefit Auction was really a great HCA Event!  Our two-day auction was held again at the GMP Local #244 Union Hall on 350 Hudson Ave in Newark on Friday-Saturday, March 31-April 1, 2017.  Our auction was well attended with well over 80 guests and members each day and we had 15 absentee bidders.  We had 1,411 lots of glass available from 53 consignors.  We had the preview on Friday from 9:30 AM to10:30 AM with the auction starting at 10:30 AM for the first 649 lots.  On Saturday, doors opened at 8:30 AM, had our HCA Membership Meeting chaired by President Roy Eggert at 9:00 AM, and we started our auction at 9:30 AM for lots 650-1,411.  We finished around 5:00 PM each day.

How did we do financially?  We did well but not as good as last year.  One never knows what to expect.  We grossed $57,540 and after consigners and expenses are paid, we will net $14,604.  We had a 2017 budget estimated amount of $15,200.  Last year we grossed $75,905, netted $20,455 with our 2016 budget estimate of $14,500.  Main difference between this year and last year was this year that while we had more lots (1,411 vs 1315), we had more “high end” glass last year for auction.  Our average price per lot this year was $41.30 while last year it was $57.39.  Because of this our consignment fees – what goes to HCA – dropped from $20,066 to $16,647.  We had 17 lots of donated glass which brought in $725 while last year we had 46 lots generating $3,425 – resulting in $2,700 less than last year.  So although we had a larger auction, we had not as good glass and less donations.  As a result of these factors, our auction net dropped $5,851.

I want to publicly thank, on behalf of the HCA Board of Directors and Staff, the fifty four volunteers who worked with us starting in January unpacking, identifying, cataloging, and repacking the glass and then working for three straight days until the auction was concluded. You make this event a success and HCA’s largest fundraiser.

I would like to give special thanks: to Walter Ludwig who helped from start to finish lending his time and Heisey expertise whenever asked: Dan Kilgore and his crew who ran the holdback area – a most difficult job: and to long time clerk Karen Taylo who ran the office and auction software program; and lastly to the Dayton and Buckeye Study Club members who worked tirelessly from January to April to make this a success.  We would not have an auction without their help.

A “THANK YOU” must also go to Craig Connelly, Auctioneer and his cohorts.  They sold our glass and kept us in stitches!  GMP Local #244’s own Jimmy Gill did everything he could to provide us great facilities.

Finally, I would like to thank all the consignors who consigned and donated glass to HCA and to all the auction attendees and absentee bidders who purchased that wonderful Heisey Glass.  Hope to see all of you at the Convention in June.

Happy Heisey Hunting!!

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