Spring Benefit Auction

2018 HCA Spring Benefit Auction Wrap-Up
Karen Taylo, Treasurer

The 45th Annual Spring All Heisey Benefit Auction was a wonderful HCA Event! Our two-day auction was held again at the GMP Local #244 Union Hall on 350 Hudson Ave in Newark on Friday-Saturday, April 13 – 14, 2018. Our auction was well attended with over 95 guests and members each day and we had 15 absentee bidders. We had 1,398 lots of glass from 41 consignors. We had the preview on Friday from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM with the auction starting at 10:30 AM for the first 649 lots. On Saturday, doors opened at 8:30 AM, we had our HCA Membership Meeting chaired by President Roy Eggert at 9:00 AM, and we started our auction at 9:30 AM for lots 650-1,394.

How did we do financially? We grossed $80,361.88 (glass sales and buyer’s premium) and after consignors and expenses are paid, we will net around $19,000. We had a 2018 budgeted amount of $15,300. Our average price per lot this year was $57.44, an improvement over last year’s average of $41.30. We had 32 lots of donated glass which brought $2,690, while last year we had 17 lots generating $725 – resulting in $1,965 more than last year.

On behalf of the HCA Board of Directors and Staff, I would like to thank all the volunteers who worked, starting in January, unpacking, identifying, cataloging, and repacking the glass and then working for three straight days until the auction was concluded. You make this event a success and HCA’s largest fundraiser.

Special thanks to Walter Ludwig who graciously lent his time and Heisey expertise whenever asked; Dan Kilgore and his crew who ran the holdback area – a most difficult job; and to Roy Eggert, who helps with clerking duties; and lastly to the Dayton and Buckeye Study Club members who worked tirelessly from January to April to make the auction a success.

A big thank you goes to Craig Connelly, Auctioneer and his cohorts. They not only sell the glass, they keep us in stitches while doing so! Plus, without Kevin Burchett stepping up to the plate as our Auction Firm Manager, we might not have had our auction at all. GMP Local #244’s own Jimmy Gill worked to assure the hall was in tip-top shape all three days.

Also, thank you to all the consignors who consigned and donated glass to HCA and to all the auction attendees and absentee bidders who purchased that wonderful Heisey Glass.

Finally, we all felt Dave Spahr’s absence but we know he was there in spirit and would have been so pleased with our auction results…. a fitting tribute to his years of hard (and loving) work for HCA.

Hope to see all of you at the Convention in June.

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