heiseyglassbookHeisey Glass 1896-1957: Identification and Value Guide Reprint © 2011 of original 2005 by Neila Bredehoft, Tom Bredehoft $29.95 plus tax + shipping candlestickbookHeisey Candlesticks Candelabra and Lamps ©2014 2nd Edition w/updates by Tom Felt & Bob O’Grady $30.00 plus tax plus shipping cuttingsbookEncyclopaedia of Heisey Glassware Volume II Cuttings and Engravings © 2014 HCA by Neila M. Bredehoft, Thomas H. Bredehoft, and Louise W. Ream $35.00 plus tax plus shipping
lariatbookHeisey’s Lariat & Athena Patterns Contains a listing of Heisey Patterns No. 1540 Lariat and No. 1541 Athena by Tom Felt $5.95 plus tax plus shipping ridgeleighbookHeisey’s Classic Ridgeleigh Glassware Complete item listings, decorations, confusing items made by other companies, and proposed production items by Jim Jones & Vince Sparacio $3.95 plus tax plus shipping fandangobookHeisey’s Fandango #1201 Contains a listing of Heisey Pattern No. 1201 Fandango. by Joe Lokay $4.95 plus tax plus shipping
indexbookINDEX of Heisey Glassware List of heisey patterns alphabetically, and numerically by Heisey Collectors of California $9.95 plus tax plus shipping cuthandmadebookHeisey’s Cut Handmade Glassware Listing of cut glass from the Heisey Company by Harold E. Willey $12.95 plus tax plus shipping auctionbookHeisey Auction Results 2008 – 2010 Lists results from HCA’s Benefit and Select Auctions from 2008 – 2010 by N. Carolina Heisey Study Group $25.00 plus tax plus shipping

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