Jim Cooke

My name is Jim Cooke; I am a lifelong native of the Pacific Northwest, currently living in Beaverton, Oregon a suburb of Portland. I am 78 and retired from a 40 year career with the Bureau of Environmental Services with the City of Portland. My love of Heisey goes back to a challenge giving to me by my Aunt one evening. She asked me to find a mate to a single Heisey candlestick she had. It didn’t take too much looking before I realized that “Heisey hunting” was a lot of fun. I found that needed single and over the years I have added 164 pairs of Heisey candlesticks to my collection. I also have a plethora of Heisey vases, Heisey ash trays and cigarette boxes. I‘ve made lots of friends and learned a lot along the way and I want to give back to the Heisey community. I am running for the board of directors to help continue the legacy of the Heisey Museum and the study of Heisey glass. I would appreciate your support.

Jim Cooke, Oregon