James Warren

James Warren

Greetings HCA Members and Fellow Heisey Collectors,

My name is James Warren and I reside in St. Petersburg, Florida with my Partner, Tate, and our four dogs. I was born in Dover, Delaware, and grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I spent many years at our family farm in Tennessee working and showing Tennesee Walking Horses competitively.

My love affair with Heisey started in the early ’90s when I was hunting antique textiles. I was in search of fine linens and quilts at an Estate Auction. When I commented to a Glass Dealer that the collection on the table was spectacular, she replied, “Oh… that is Heisey, dear. That is the finest of Elegant Glassware that has ever been made in the United States.” Her words ignited my passion for Heisey.

Twelve years ago I relocated to Florida full time and liquidated my collection. I kept my beloved and durable Crystolite. My love for Heisey was ever-present but was reinforced when I met my partner, Tate Chapin. He grew up in the Roseville and Newark, Ohio area where many of his family still reside. We were shopping at a local antique store together when we both saw a beautiful piece of Empress Sahara. This Dolphin Footed Floral Bowl was the beginning of a new collection that we add to regularly.

Currently, I am a Realtor and Team Leader for RE/MAX REALTY TEAM and The James Warren Group. We are currently the #1 Office in Lee County for 11 Consecutive Years. I manage a highly qualified team that covers from Naples to St. Petersburg, Florida. Even in the middle of the economic downturn, my team was a top producer. We maintain a level of excellence that is often imitated but never duplicated. My team and business at the height of the foreclosure era when many were exiting the industry thrived when others sadly failed. I used the internet and popular Social Media platforms to market properties to Buyers and Investors all over the world.

Innovation and a strong business intuition were part of what propelled our success to new heights.  I’m known for my very creative and clever marketing and was one of the first Agents in Southwest Florida to use paid Facebook Marketing to drive customer engagement and sales.

Before my career in Real Estate, I worked in the Financial Services and Mortgage Banking Industry. In that time, I successfully navigated the roles of Loan Officer, Underwriter, Compliance, Investigational Audits, and Branch and Area Management.

My experience with collecting Antique Textiles over the years has allowed me to support the Delaware Quilt Documentation Project. I have procured and sold numerous items of historical significance to the State of Delaware for Museum Collections.

The Heisey Factory failed in 1957 and we, as Members of HCA must ensure we don’t follow. Every organization has challenges and opportunities for advancement and I believe we are no different.

There is a need for significant improvement so our relevancy will not diminish and fade away.

My primary objectives are:

1) Create a Website: Working towards creating a modern and relevant space to showcase Heisey is imperative. Having a dedicated, accessible online store will help move the countless boxes and shelves of donated glass in the basement. These items should be made available to our Members and the public to generate revenue. Our Gift Shop should be one of the first places people look when they want to acquire new glass.

Membership: Creating regular Membership Drives is our life support. I’d like to create featured HCA Member’s Only Exclusive Pieces that have appeal to both the new and seasoned collectors. These items, marketed as an exclusive item, will boost membership. Even if they join just for that one piece, we are all aware of the allure of Heisey. It is the job of the Board to entice Members and potential Members to pique their interests and keep them coming back to add to their collection. Our main goal aside from being a purveyor of fine Glass is to drive revenue and aid the Museum’s expenses. I hope to increase visiting hours and add staff to generate more revenue down the line.

Marketing: As our Membership continues to age, we need to appeal to the younger crowds. Fully engaging in Social Media at a much higher level than we have now can and will show the younger generations how Heisey can fit their lifestyle. Heisey was known for being a marketing genius and used innovative tactics that sold a lifestyle to families and enticed them to build full-fledged collections. We need to go back and learn from him and then refresh these methods with a modern twist. My goal is to create a demand for Heisey glass collections and to bring new Members to join the HCA.

We as collectors must unite to bring a fresh approach to HCA and the Museum. Our expectations need to be raised at the Museum, and we need to use it as the revenue-producing powerhouse without losing track of our history and values that Heisey and the HCA stand for.  I seek to use my skillset to unite us, heal us, and focus our future on being financially stable and cherished by future generations.  I truly feel our next chapter in history starts here and now, in this “Covid-19” era with us as the stewards of this fine glass and tradition. Change is scary but needed. In 2020, I had to completely change the way I ran a Real Estate Business. I had to step outside the box and embrace the change to stay successful and to ensure the success of our Team.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love three things. Talking, talking about Heisey and talking about Real Estate. I would love to speak with all of you about my intentions of serving you on the Board. Please feel free to email me at JW19904@aol.com or my Cell at 239-595-0084.