Thank you for considering a donation to the National Heisey Glass Museum. It is through such generosity that our collections continue to grow. We are always interested to hear more about Heisey glass and any related materials you wish to donate to the Museum.

Important to consider the following:

~ The National Heisey Glass Museum has a Collections Policy that spells out the Museum’s accessioning/deaccessioning policies that enhance and strengthen the museum’s collections.

~ All donations must come to The National Heisey Glass Museum free of restrictions. Once a H.C.A. DONATION RECORD FORM is signed, all rights and interests are transferred to the Museum, and the gift cannot be returned to the donor.

~ Realize the Museum has thousands of objects including glass, advertising materials, books, articles, molds, glassmaker’s tools, etc. Because of space limitations, the Museum makes no promises that all donations will be displayed.

~ It is the donor’s responsibility to have donations appraised (if desired) prior to delivery to The National Heisey Glass Museum. Museum staff is not permitted to provide an appraisal or estimated value for donations.

~ No matter what type of donation you make, make sure you understand the tax implications. Talk to your accountant or tax preparer.

Please contact the Curator at the National Heisey Glass Museum if you have interest in donating to the Museum in this very meaningful way. Have our Curator explain the Museum’s donation policies in detail and tell you what your potential gift might mean for the Museum’s future.

Curator contact information is below:

Jack Burriss, Curator / Director
(740) 345-2932 Ext. 3