Heisey Glass Beads

Proceeds from this special project go directly to the Museum’s operating fund. HCA works with local glass artists to recycle broken or damaged colored Heisey glass into beads. The glass is melted down and hand crafted into glass beads for you to wear every day.

Colored and ornamental beads on bracelets are quite popular and these beads look amazing. The Heisey Beads will make a great gift. This project has proved very popular and many have requested desired colors for the next series of beads. We are in need of more broken or damaged-beyond-repair Heisey glass for the next color series. The colors are all based on availability of broken glass. So it’s really up to you what is produced next. Send your broken colored (Cobalt, Tangerine?) Heisey glass labeled “Damaged Glass for Heisey Beads” to the Museum and we’ll see what the artists create. Look for the new Heisey beads in original Heisey colors in our shop very soon.

Great fun to mix and Match colors of Heisey beads, and the history of where they came from.

These beads were made to fit, Pandora or Troll style bracelets and necklaces. They also will fit on hoop earrings and are versatile and stylish enough to wear everyday!

Depression Years: (Moongleam, Sahara, Flamingo)
$90.00 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Modern Series: (Dawn, Zircon, Crystal)
$90.00 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Transitional Series (Marigold, Hawthorne, Silver Heisey Charm)
$105.00 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Victorian Series (Emerald, Custard, Vaseline)
$130 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Opal Series (Opal plain, Opal with flowers, Opal with pine and berries)
$140.00 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Regal Series (Cobalt, Alexandrite)
$150.00 for the set (2) plus tax plus shipping
Autumn Series: (Amber, Tangerine, Exp. Gold)
$225 for the set (3) plus tax plus shipping
Spring Flower Series: (Crystal with Cobalt or Tangerine Flowers)
$100 for the set (2) plus tax plus shipping
Krall Mirror Bead / Christmas Bead
$40 each / $50 each plus tax plus shipping
Verlys Turquoise (Frosted Zircon)
$35 plus tax plus shipping

Contact the Museum Shop directly at (740) 345-2932 to find out availability and/or to purchase. Please be aware: Orders are taken as received, due to the materials and labor needed, pre-orders may take up to three (3) months to receive bead sets. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

The Museum Shop is open when the National Heisey Glass Museum is open. Admission to the Museum is not required to shop at the Museum Shop.

Proceeds from Museum Shop sales support the National Heisey Glass Museum’s operations.