About Heisey Auctions

Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. (HCA) is certified by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture as an auction firm and has a volunteer certified as its auction firm manager. HCA uses auctioneers licensed by the State of Ohio to conduct its auctions.The public is invited to attend all our auctions or place absentee bids.

The HCA sponsors two auctions every year:  The Spring Benefit Auction and the Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction. Both auctions are very different on how glass is consigned. But in both, we will accept only clean, sticker free and damage free glass. There is a very large amount of Heisey glass on the market and in collections and dealers and collectors want only pristine Heisey glass. Therefore, we will accept only pristine glass. This makes for a better Auction for both HCA and the consigner, as higher prices are realized for the consigner, higher income for HCA and keeping the value of Heisey glass up. At the discretion of the Auction Committee, either Auction may have whimseys, one of a kind items or other fund-raising items.


1)  If you are thinking of consigning glass to HCA, first contact me, Roy Eggert, HCA Auction Firm Manager at 240-361=8146 or royegg54@comcast.net or Jack Burriss, Museum Director 740-345-2932 or curator@hieiseyMuseum.org   Please do not arrive at the museum and drop off any glass without first contacting us.

2)  You must be an HCA Member to consign glass to either HCA Auction.

3)  All consignments must be approved by the HCA Auction Committee

Note:  Do not deliver any glass to the Museum until conditions 1 & 2 & 3 are met

4)  A signed contract with HCA is required for all consignments

5)  All consignments should include a detailed list of all glass being delivered.

Spring Benefit Auction – Consignments:  An HCA member may consign up to 40 lots of Heisey glass or glass made by others in Heisey molds, Heisey catalogs, books or other Heisey glass-related items.

Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction – Consignments:  An HCA member may submit a list of Heisey glass to the Auction Committee for consideration to be selected for placement in this Auction. This Auction will not have any duplicate lots and glass may be declined due to incomplete sets or missing parts. The consigner will be notified as to which items have been accepted for this Auction by telephone or email.

Member Glass – Consignments. This is would be a large quantity of glass that can be sold at our auctions over several years. This glass might be placed in either Auction depending on the item.

Donations. A Member May donate as many lots of glass to HCA as they want.

The Auction cataloging team is very meticulous and scrutinizes every item consigned. We only want the best glass for our auctions so when consigning glass please look very closely at each item. The final decision on which items go into the auction lies with the cataloging team. Some of the reasons an item might be declined are: chips, bruises, fractures, bubbles, burst bubbles, cloudiness (often referred to as “sick” glass), etched, scratches, unwanted stains, worn flashing or decorations, repairs, major mold flaws.

If there any questions  consigners May reference HCA policy approved July 26, 2008 “Accepting Member Glass for Consignment” available on the Heisey Museum website,  Heiseymuseum.org .

We do appreciate all the effort and time it takes to put an Auction together and what it takes to get a consignment list together and thank all the consigners. Without you we wouldn’t have an auction!

2019 All-Heisey Benefit Auction List

Spring Benefit Auction
HCA has an annual Benefit Auction in late March or early April to benefit HCA and the National Heisey Glass Museum. In recent years the auction size has been around 1,000 lots.

Each voting member and associate member of HCA can consign up to 40 lots of Heisey glass and glass made from Heisey moulds. Members can donate unlimited lots. Members are responsible to ship or deliver the glass to the museum.

HCA places the auction catalog on its website approximately one month before the auction. It also provides instructions for absentee bidders on this website as well as absentee forms which can be filled out and sent to HCA. HCA will assemble the bids and execute the bids at the auction.

HCA publishes the results of the auction in its newsletter and on this website.

HCA Heisey Fall Auction
HCA holds a small Auction annually in late September or early October to benefit HCA and the National Glass Heisey Museum. The auction size is normally 200 to 250 lots.

Each voting member and associate member can send in a list of glass per our schedule (usually mid May) of up to 40 lots of glass and an auction committee in early June selects glass it would like in the auction. Chosen glass is usually brought to the museum in June during the annual convention.

HCA places the auction catalog, absentee bid instructions and forms in the Heisey News newsletter approximately one month before the auction and on the HCA website. Absentee bid received in a timely manner prior to the auction will be executed by HCA.

HCA publishes the auction results in its newsletter and on this website.

HCA Hold Back Auctions
Be watching your Heisey News for these special auctions.

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