Heisey Collector’s of America, Inc.

The Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. is a private non-profit organization which owns and operates the National Heisey Glass Museum and the offsite warehouse where the original Heisey molds, now owned by HCA, are stored. Twenty dedicated collectors founded the club in Newark on October 15, 1971. Today, more than 1,300 members all over the United States enjoy sharing their common interest in Heisey glass. A Board of Directors, elected by HCA voting members governs the club. The mission of the National Heisey Glass Museum is to document, preserve, and publicize the history of the A. H. Heisey & Company of Newark, Ohio (1896-1957). Through educational and informational displays, exhibits, and programs, the Museum’s extensive collection of glassware and related materials provide visitors and Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. members with knowledge and insight into the company’s rich history.

The Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. (HCA) opened the National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, Ohio in 1974 in order to establish a permanent place for the display and study of glassware manufactured by A. H. Heisey & Company in Newark between 1896 and 1957. The Museum staff members responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Museum are employees of the Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. Since its opening, HCA has maintained the Museum and HCA’s national membership in turn has generously supported the facility and HCA. This support has enabled the organization to continue to build its collection, maintain archives, add a 6,000 square foot addition to the original King House, establish an endowment, and hire professional staff-among other accomplishments.