2018 Percy & Vivian Moore Memorial Weekend

2018PVMLogoPercy and Vivian Moore Weekend

When Northwoods Heisey Study Club decided to host the 2018 Percy and Vivian Moore Dinner they hoped to raise $5,000, but members were afraid that might be too much of a stretch for a small club. They were worried that few people would make the trek to Minnesota for fear of cold, mosquitoes or both. So they were thrilled when nearly 70 people attended and the club raised $8,200 for the Heisey Museum.

“A big part of the financial success of our event was due to the generosity of those who donated items for the auctions and the raffle, as well as members who made donations to offset some of the costs,” said Doug Olson, study club president. “They deserve a very big thank you. And a special thanks goes to Jean Will for donating 70 jars of her fabulous homemade jams and jelly. She spent many hours preserving some of summer’s best fruit for us to enjoy!”

The club was pleased to be able offer a nice selection of glass to bidders. The silent auction raised $2,490 and live auction raised $3,000. The most successful item in the live auction was a beautiful #1440 Sahara Arch floral bowl, which went for $550. Next were two pumpkin prototypes made in Ohio this year for the Museum from the #7000 Sunflower tumbler mould; each sold for $375. Northwoods Heisey member Marc Petersen had a great time with his debut as an auctioneer. “Walter Ludwig gave me some tips along the way that were very helpful,” he said.

Together, the raffles, donations of jams and jellies, and $1 “votes” in the Road Finds competition earned over $750. Kelly Bragg of Gladstone, Missouri, won the Road Find competition with an Empress vase in Sahara that he purchased in Buffalo, Minnesota and Sandy Dyer of Medina, Washington, was awarded a red and black plaid fur-lined cap with earflaps for traveling the longest distance to join the festivities.

Just as important as the money raised was the great time people had. “It was fun to meet so many people from around the country – from Georgia to Washington, Texas to Michigan and many states in between,” said Olson. “This was an amazing opportunity to get together with other people who love Heisey glass. It was really fun to welcome everyone into our home. We don’t have an extensive collection, but I think people enjoyed seeing how we use and display our Heisey glass.” Bob and Bev Heise also had the fun of sharing their large collection of Heisey glass when they hosted a Welcome open house for participants.

Bev Heise, whose idea it was to host the event, was very pleased with its success. “It was a lot of work but it was fun and it was worth it. Everyone had a good time and we raised more money than I thought we would,” said Bev, who co-chaired the event with Mary Olson. They gave Courtney Markuson a lot of credit for attracting people to the event with the beautiful promotional pieces she designed.

“We encourage all HCA members to consider attending the next Percy and Vivian Moore Dinner, which will be hosted by Kentucky Heisey Collectors Group in Louisville, Kentucky September 20 and 21, 2019,” said Doug Olson. “I am sure you will have a great time!”