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Please mark your calendars for the Second Annual  Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction! It will be held on October 19, 2019. The event is to be in Newark, OH at the GMP Union Hall, 350 Hudson Avenue. In this edition of the Heisey News and on the Heisey web site you will find a  blank consignment sheet on which  to list the items you would like to consign. Please remember we are only accepting clean, damage free Heisey glassware.  Your list must be submitted by May 15, 2019. Early in June you will be notified which lots of glass you submitted will be accepted. All  accepted  glass  needs to be at the Museum by July 19th. You may consign 40 lots for each HCA member. There is no limit on the amount of donated glass.

Absentee bidding instructions will be included in future editions of the Heisey News.

We hope to  have some wonderful glass for your viewing, bidding and purchase pleasure!. We will catalog and inspect the glass in early August. We hope to have 250-300 lots of beautiful Heisey glass for your buying enjoyment! Our intentions are to have the glass on display in the Museum in Mid August!

Your Heisey Auction Committee members have been discussing ways to improve both the Dave Spahr Select and Spring Benefit Auctions. The desired result has always been and will continue to be a high-end auction of integrity. The more sought-after and rarer the items of Heisey glassware are, the more successful the auction will be for both the consignors and HCA. Yearly, a large amount of consignments and donations of glass are received and we are very thankful for this continued support. Even though most pieces are flawless and impeccable, many are damaged, unclean, and a few are not even Heisey. Receiving unclean, damaged glass creates more work for volunteers. They must wash the dirty glassware, remove any stickers before each item can be carefully examined for damage and condition.

In order to achieve our goals, your Committee plans to implement new guidelines. The consignor should ensure that the glass is Heisey, clean, sticker free, and undamaged. Please re-examine the glass for breaks, cracks or flea bites before packing. The only time a damaged piece might be accepted is when it is considered rare. In this instance, the extent of the damage will be the determining factor. If there are any questions as to what might be acceptable please contact a Committee member or the Museum.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining the high level of integrity which Dave Spahr and others have worked so hard to establish and maintain.

Roy Eggert
Auction Chairman

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