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Dave Spahr

All who came to our 12th annual Fall Select Auction on October 15th at the BMP Local 244 Union Hall on Hudson Ave. had an opportunity to buy some wonderful Heisey glass and had fun too!

A warm sunny Fall Saturday morning in Newark started off with our volunteers coming to the Union Hall at 10 AM to arrange the room for the auction and to unfurl the 234 lots of glass from our 15 consignors and 3 donors. We were finished in time for the Preview which started at 12:00 PM and lasted till 1:00 PM. The glass, as always looked wonderful on the tables – it just sparkled!

Craig Connelly and cohort Jeff Baird were again our auctioneers and we had the “Pie Man” Gerry Dush and family provide the concessions. Wonderful food again!

Our auction began promptly at 1:00 PM. The turnout for the auction was good – we had a crowd of approximately 75 with 48 individuals picking up bid cards and 7 absentee bidders. The auction was completed around 3:45 PM and our 35 buyers picked up their glass and we held glass for 5 successful absentee bidders.

We had total revenues of $20,805.50 with glass sales of $20,745.00 for the 234 lots. Our payments to consignors and other estimated expenses totaled $15,153.30 so we have an estimated net profit for the Museum of $5,651.95. We came in over our 2016 budget projection of $4,500 which is always nice. Comparing our auction to last year when we netted $5,040, there were few differences. Our auction this year was larger – 234 lots vs 223.  We had receipts of $1,900 on 35 lots of donated glass and last year we had $1,735 on 24 donated lots. We hope you will consider donating glass in the future since 100% of the proceeds goes to support the Museum. HCA items (13) totaled $1,150 while last year HCA items totaled $460.00 for 5 items. This has been our one of our better select auctions in terms of net profit for HCA. The auction prices per lot are shown under Results in the box on the left.

Putting on an auction is a team effort and HCA has some great volunteers! I want to thank the 25 volunteers who helped to make this a successful venture. They are listed under Volunteers in the box on the left – sorry if I missed anyone. I want to give special thanks to two individuals. First, Karen Taylo who has clerked every Fall Select auction for us (12 now!) and did another great job with the able assistance of Roy Eggert, our HCA President. Second, thanks again to Walter Ludwig who volunteered his time to help us catalog and properly list the glass and wrote a wonderful preparatory article highlighting the glass.

Thanks again for all of you who consigned and donated glass for this auction and for those of you who purchased this wonderful Heisey glass. Hope to see you all at the Museum Open House on Saturday, December 3, 2016 and the 2017 Spring Benefit Auction on March 31-April 1, 2017.  Please continue to support your Museum!



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