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Dave Spahr

We are announcing our lucky Thirteenth Annual Heisey Fall Select Auction!  Thanks to you for all the great support you all have given in the past for this HCA event.  It will be held in Newark at the museum on October 14, 2017, as a part of the Annual Percy & Vivian Moore Weekend – October 13-15, 2017.  There will be articles about that event in future Heisey News and also on this website.

The first thing you can do to participate in this auction is to prepare a list of glass you would like us to select for this auction.  A blank list for you to use is on this website.  Please note the blank list contains space for forty lots for the committee to select from.  Remember, this auction benefits your Association.  Consider making a donation of a piece-100% goes to support HCA and the Museum.  Donations don’t count towards your 40 lot consignment limit.  We hope Study Clubs will donate glass for the auction-a great project for them!

This year, as has been the case for each select auction, the consignment fee for each lot will be 20% with a minimum consignment fee of $5.  This means anything that sells for under $25 the consignment fee will be $5.  As you prepare your lists, please make them as descriptive as possible since the committee will be using them to select glass for the auction.  It is very important that you carefully check for damage-we are selecting only undamaged glass for this special auction.  The deadline for submitting your completed lists to us is May 16, 2017.  Remember- send just the list-no glass!

The committee’s target is to have an auction with three hundred (300) lots.  How can you get your glass selected?  Here are some clues.  Consideration will be given to include diversity in color, etchings, cuttings, and patterns.  A main goal in the selection will be not to have any duplication of lots.  While this auction is mainly for the experienced collector who wants that exotic piece of Heisey we also would like clean problem free glass for the fledgling collector just starting out and building his collection.  Please note our minimum bid will be $15 so think about that putting your lists and lots together.  As mentioned earlier, we will not select damaged glass.

The Select Committee will be busy after May 16th and contact you on or about June 1 to let you know the glass it has selected.  Hopefully, you will be able to bring your glass to Newark and drop it off at the museum when you come to the Convention (June 14-17).  Please look over your glass and begin your lists soon.  May 16th will be here before you know it!

This event has been a success for consignors and those purchasing the wonderful Heisey glass. Please plan on attending Percy Moore Weekend and Festivities and participating in this auction for the benefit of your Museum.

Our auctions continue to be cost effective options for our buyers-no state taxes are assessed (we are a not for profit organization with our proceeds going to support the museum) and no buyer’s premium for check or cash payments.  Hopefully you will remember that when consigning glass to us or buying glass from us.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call me at masdgs@aol.com or (937)-372-7166.

Happy Heisey Hunting!


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