Below are some of Heisey’s more popular etchings. Heisey used different numbering systems for their patterns, their etchings and carvings, and their cuttings, so a decorated piece of Heisey may be identified by the pattern number and name (referred to as the “blank”) and the decoration number and name. There are several books available from the Museum Gift Shop that go into more detail and give a listing of the known “blanks” with a certain etching. #507 Orchid Etch     #507 Orchid Etch #439 Pied Piper Etch #439 Pied Piper Etch Rose Etch #515 Rose Etch Minuet Etch #503 Minuet Etch Normandie Etch       #480 Normandie Etch Tally Ho Etch         #467 Tally Ho Etch