We are excited about our first endeavor at conducting an online auction. Many hours have been spent planning and learning about the process. We are excited about learning from this experience and applying what we learn to future HCA auctions.

This will be an internet-only, timed auction. A timed auction is where a lot is available for a set period of time.

Our auction will be available at www.HeiseyMuseum.HiBid.com. You must first sign up for an account with HiBid.com then register for our auction to be able to bid. Procedures for both are included in the auction catalog.

There will be pre-bidding starting on March 26. You will be able to view pictures and pre-bid any time before the live bidding opens. Live competitive bidding will begin at 12:00 noon EDT on April 9, 10 and 11. Lots #1 through #420 will auction on April 9; lots #421 through #840 on April 10; and lots #841 through #1228 on April 11.

Each lot will be available for a one minute period of time. If a lot gets a bid within 30 seconds of the close, the bidding will be extended for an additional 30 seconds to allow for competitive bidding.The credit card you use to register will be charged for the total amount of your winning bids plus a 5% buyer’s premium. No glass will be released without a paid invoice.

Winning bidders will be notified by email and will need to make their own shipping arrangements. Glass will be available for pick up at the Museum during normal business hours starting on April 20 and must be picked up by April 30.

Highlights of the 2021 Spring On-line Auction

By Walter Ludwig

The items for the 2021 Spring HCA Auction represent the full range of production of the Heisey Glass Company from their beginnings until the doors closed in 1957. There is something for everyone in this auction from the standard production to true rarities that you never are given a chance to buy.

This is the auction to participate in if you would like to start a collection, find the ideal wedding gift, or if you are a long time collector needing to add a special piece to your collection. The auction abounds in those old standbys of 1503 and 5003 Crystolite, 1540 and 5004 Lariat, 1567 and 5067 Plantation, 507 Orchid etch, 515 Heisey Rose etch, and many examples from Heisey’s colonial lines. This year we also have a good number of lots in 1469 Ridgeleigh and 1506 Provincial. This is an auction rich in candlesticks and creams and sugars, but there is also a large number of “little things” including an unusual number of ashtrays, nuts, and salt and peppers available.

The animal collector will not be disappointed with the wide array of offerings including a 4 Swan/5 Cygnet (Lot 65) and a 1540 Plug Horse in Cobalt (380).

Among the old patterns, we have several nice pieces in 160 Locket on Chain including table cream/sugar/lid (1118). molasses (1122), and a beautiful molasses with ruby stain/gold (1119). We have a complete 1235 Beaded Panel & Sunburst wine set – tray, decanter, and 6 wines (1201). Candy jars include a 465 Recessed Panel ½ pound in Moongleam (1121) and a 341 Puritan 5 pound (1120). There are many full punch bowl sets including 1235 Beaded Panel & Sunburst (18). 433 Greek Key cupped (45), 343 Sunburst (61), 341 Puritan (74), 1506 Provincial (76), 1205 Fancy Loop (336), 1540 Lariat (677), and 350 Pinwheel & Fan (703). I think one of the most outstanding colonial pieces that Heisey made is the 351 Priscilla 10” extra high comport which we are offering as Lot 1011.

We have an exceptional number of lots in 150 Banded Flute this year including: 10” high footed bowl (668), molasses (758), and the rarely seen three piece oyster cocktail set (766). The oyster cocktail set includes underplate, large bar (oyster cocktail), and a fingerbowl that has a seat to hold the oyster cocktail.

Outstanding pieces in color include a pair of 1405 Ipswich candle vases in Flamingo with crystal inserts (1056) and a 1951A Elephant handled mug in Amber (968). Lot 1213 is a pair of 1251 Unique plates in Moongleam; they are called unique because they are so unusual in that they have a built in well to hold cocktail sauce or the like. One consignor sent us four 1506 Provincial footed candy jars in Limelight (Lots 835-838) and they will be sold choice. Among the many cordials available there is a 3416 Barbara Fritchie with Sahara bowl (394).

Barware collectors will not be disappointed with the array of 3397 Gascony decanters with different decorations: 460 Club Drinking (338), 455 Sportsman (828), and 454 Antarctic (1059). Lot 1057 is a 4027 Christos decanter with 469 Mermaid etch. We also have an 8 ounce soda in 2401 with 2 Tall Sailboat etch (538).

Other interesting pieces include a mounted doorknob with the crisscross design (14), 7025 Twelve Rib compote (117), 1447 Rococo muffin (354), 3408 Jamestown bell with 913 Everglade cut (840), and a 3416 Barbara Fritchie comport (1014).

There are two 517/197 Daniels tumble up sets available in this auction (155 and 1013). Probably the cutest item is a little whimsy made in the 464 Ribbon Candy pattern (1077). A nappy has been cupped to make a 2 ½” rose bowl and then further enhanced by frosting the ribbon candy band.

There are many large lots with a variety of items in them. These are perfect for the beginning collector. But if there is something in the lot you really want, the rest of the items will make good gifts or you can consider donating them back to the Museum for our fund-raising efforts.

Space limitations prevent me from going on, but as you can see there is plenty for offer in the auction. I hope you will be able to join me and all of your Heisey friends for this great event.

All of these beautiful items can be bid on at our on-line Spring Auction on www.HeiseyMuseum.HiBid.com April 9 – 11, 2021


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