Heisey Glass Marbles (Collectors Set)


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Heisey Glass Marbles (Collectors Edition Set)

What to do with broken and damaged beyond repair vintage Heisey glassware? A dilemma every collector faces at some point. The Heisey Museum has been collecting damaged glass for more than two years with dedicated and generous members donating their unfortunate accidents. Even badly chipped or broken it is still beautiful and valuable. The National Heisey Glass Museum has made a special marble run from damaged beyond repair Heisey glass! Now you can own your very own collector’s boxed set of marbles made from this beautiful and beloved crystal. Only 200 boxed sets were created, Each box is unique. What is pictured isn’t necessarily what a buyer will get, as they are all different, but all of our marbles are hand selected for premium swirls and coloring for the collectors edition sets. Lovely, fun and made from 100% authentic damaged beyond repair Heisey glass. $45.00 each + $9.75 Shipping & Handling EACH ADDITIONAL Set add $5.00 Shipping & Handling 7.25% sales tax in Ohio Order By Phone 1-740-345-2932

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