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2016 HCA Convention
June 15-18, 2016

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Having been more involved with our Conventions these past few years, I sit writing this in such calmness after an amazing whirlwind since Spring. I so enjoy all the preparations and organizing another spectacular display. Many convention attendees exclaimed it was the best ever. Of course they’re referring to the tablescapes prepared by you, the members who come forward with time, talent and lots of effort to conceive, pack, travel, unpack, set up, repack, travel again and unpack again! So now have I discouraged anyone who ever thought of doing a display from ever doing so? Hopefully not because I’ll be calling you next year!

Seriously, I thank this year’s participants for all their efforts to allow us to view part of their collections. It is truly an opportunity to see rare and one of a kind pieces sometimes not even seen in our Museum such as “Side Show” presented by Marilyn Smith or “Show Stoppers” (just as you’d think, every piece had a stopper) organized by the Buckeye Club, as well as seeing “Heisey Goes Art Deco” by Walter Ludwig. Also educational as well as beautifully displayed was Will and Jeri Kennard’s “Different Time Different World” showing six patterns all with Minuet etch.

There were lots of tablescapes depicting the “before, during and after” the circus starting with the Dusenberry’s Lariat “Rounding Up the Fun” – then an exciting time at “Dinner Before the Show,” put on by Darlene Cochran with spectacular Cobalt. There was “Heisey Lights Up the Big Top” as you enter any Big Top with flags, balloons and banners and oh, yes Heisey candlesticks organized by the Dayton Club. The excitement continues as we see a Zircon set table with Kohinoor, Saturn and Whirlpool set around a circus train with our favorite giraffe – thanks to Pat Lucke. We feel a fun time about to happen at Trudy Mocks’ “Martha’s Merry-Go-Round Moment,” Normandy etch with a merry-go round consisting of several pieces of Heisey glass complete with animals. Thank you Glen Gall for assembling it in Trudy’s absence. We’re sure a very fun lunch was served at Kate and Michael Maher’s “A Circus Sandwich Setting” all painted with bright colored dots. (I hope it was water based paint!) After a good time at the circus, dinner was prepared for “Dinner With the Ringmaster” a New Era setting complete with parade canes by (my grandson) Mitch Stahl. Don’t forget the “Retired Circus Workers Dinner,” a tribute by our curator Jack Burriss. Thank you for taking the time during your busy Convention schedule! Also, thank you to Mary Olsen for the anniversary dinner setting “Orchid Brought Them Together,” combining Noritake china with Heisey Crystal; a love story in the making! There was also a very special “My 1St Birthday” party for Thompson Maher, always a delight to be around.

As you departed the displayed tables there was the opportunity to vote for your favorite. As I say, every Heisey event is a fundraiser that we might support our Museum in every way we can. One dollar equals one vote and is placed in the designated box for the display of your choice. The total votes this year were in the amount of $354.00. The money goes to the Museum operating fund.

The display receiving the most votes this year went to “From the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” presented by Bob and Bev Heise from Minnesota. The setting consisted of Stanhope, New Era, Saturn and Ridgeleigh in Zircon/Limelight combined with White Silk Mikasa dinner plates and Heisey crystal Angel Fish. See a photo of this display on the back page of this Heisey News. Thank you Bob and Bev for participating another year and congratulations on your winning table.

Thank you all again to all the participants. The display is certainly a favorite part of the Convention. You always hear about all the problems, but I must say that many people came up to me to tell me how much they enjoy the display each year. I can hardly wait to hear about a theme for 2017 and especially to see you all there if not before.

Dan Kilgore