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2020 Heisey Fall Benefit Auction


We have all had a very challenging year so far. Sadly, we will need to postpone the 2020 Spring Benefit Auction until October due to the Coronavirus and all the uncertainty that surrounds it, and call it the 2020 Heisey Fall Benefit Auction. This auction will the take place of the Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction and will be held in conjunction with the 2020 Percy and Vivian Moore Weekend. We will still have activities associated with the PVM weekend and have a two day auction instead of the one day Dave Spahr Fall Select Auction. This auction will be held on October 16 and 17, 2020 and will operate just like the Spring Benefit auction would have in April. Craig Connolly and his crew will be on hand for the auctioneering.

We will be enhancing the catalog with some very nice glass worthy of the DSFSA from other consigners. A new catalog will be posted in the next few months with the updates but if you have already marked up your current catalog with the lots you want to bid on those lots will remain the same.  For the absentee bidders, we can either keep your bids as submitted (with payment)  or we can remove your bid, destroy the payment and  you can resubmit them as we get closer to the auction date. Please let us know.

What this means is there won’t be a 2020 DSFSA and we will not be requesting consigners to send in their list for consideration.

Those who have consigned glass to the SBA will not have to do anything. We will sell whatever glass you consigned for the SBA in October and send you a check within 15 days.

For 2021 we will resume the usual schedule with the SBA in April and the DSFSA in October.

Thank you for bearing with us as we work thru these trying times.

Roy Eggert
Auction Chairman
Auction Firm Manager