2018 HCA Convention Displays

The purpose of this display is to help educate viewers to the many uses, styles, patterns, colors and varieties of Heisey glass. We hope you enjoy the efforts put forth by our members. Click on image to enlarge.

#1 Pat Lucke – Nebraska
Under The Deep Blue Sea – “Under The Deep Blue Sea features a Steigel Blue Ball Vase with Mermaid Etch, guarded by two Tropical Fish. The table is set with a Waverly Candy Dish and Cobalt Empress Luncheon Plates for Snacks. Beer can be enjoyed from Pilsners vvith the Sea Glade Cutting. Want something stronger? Check out the New Era Rye Bottle also with Sea Glade Cutting. Pour your shot straight in the Cobalt Old Sandwich bars or have mixed drinks in the :Navy Glasses with both the Motorboat and Small Sailboat etching. Enjoy Cocktail time in the South Seas.”
#2 Mary Olson – Minnesota
Lemonade and Lunch at the Beach House – “The Convention’s Under the Sea theme inspires thoughts of lazy summer afternoon strolls along the shore, collecting shells, and then relaxing on the porch of a weathered beach house, enjoying freshly made lemonade and a light lunch while watching the color of the ocean shift from blue to green and back as clouds chase the sun across the sky. The star of this table setting is a Winged Scroll pitcher and matching tumblers in emerald with gold. The gold “scroll” brings to mind ocean plants undulating in the water. Shells heaped casually into a Waverly floral bowl with seahorse feet serve as a centerpiece.”
#3 Phil Deetz & Leo Hedden – Indiana
A Wave of Zircon – “Heisey Zircon arranged in a nautilus/ circular pattern representing a wave from the sea.
#4 Abby Keown – Michigan
The Lost Treasure – “The older pieces of Heisey glass are lost in the sea of time and will be know as a treasure of Heisey and history.”
#5 Jack Burriss – Ohio
A Dinner With Neptune – “An exceptional dinner table set with the Old Williamsburg pattern by both the A H Heisey & Company and the Imperial Glass Company.”
#6 Darlene Cochran – Washington with William and Aimee McKelvey- Ohio
High-Sea – “Sea Shell and Sea Horses! Serving dinner for four on the H igh Sea. Crystolite shell plates and serving pieces, seahorse cocktails, impromptu with swimming fish, mermaid etched ball vases and other Heisey sea life.”
#7 Dayton Area Heisey Collectors Club – Ohio
Hei-Sea Treasures – “Search through the underwater world of our giant aquarium for a variety of He!-Sea Treasures.”
#8 Buckeye Heisey Study Club – Ohio
Waverly – “1519 Waverly – produced from 1940-1957. The pattern uses waves, seahorses and beads. The wide swirling optic mimics the movement of water. Look for the seahorse on some of the pieces. Blown stemware #5019 made from 1949-1957 only 9 pieces in crystal. Decorations include #507 Orchid and #515 Heisey Rose etch. Cuttings are mainly #965 Narcissus and #980 Moonglow. The only color for this pattern was Amber. This pattern is also to be a seminar during convention.”
#9 Marilyn Smith – Ohio
Bubbles – “#1506 Provincial was named by sales manager Rodney Irwin. First named “Whirlpool” and changed to “Provincial” in the last five years of production. Also, the “Zircon” color name was changed to “Limelight”. The pattern was designed by Horace King. It was made from 1938 -1957. All pieces are pressed and there were over 50 pieces offered. Imperial made pieces in ruby, verde, amber, ultra blue, heather, sunshine yellow and nut brown. 10.5″ dinner plates in #1183 Revere are added.”
#10 Kris Frankenberry-Ohio
At Captain Nerno’s Table – “This display presents the dining table as it might appear in Captain Nemo’s quarters aboard the Nautilus in Jules Verne’s novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. All of the glassware was cut by Heisey employee, Joe Wharton. The plates, cups, saucers, marmalade jar, star relish tray and fish bookends are all Heisey. The wine decanter, water pitcher and glasses are examples of more ordinary glass transformed into something special by the glass cutters art. The centerpiece was fashioned from a large vinegar jug.”
#11 Walter Ludwig – Ohio
New Era and Moongleam Under the Sea – “New Era with Sea Glade cutting accented with Moongleam ball vases (one with Mermaid etch).”
#12 Trudy Mock – Nebraska
The Mermaid’s Treasurers – “Every woman loves beautiful things ……. even a mermaid! Our mermaid loves admiring and using her priceless treasures hidden under the sea.”
#13 Jack Metcalf & Dick Smith – Ohio
Ephemera – “Enjoy this rare, seldom seen and unusual collection of items related to A. H. Heisey & Company. The items have been found and collected by these locals who have been involved with HCA since its inception.”
#14 The Maher Family – Ohio
Pirate Captain’s Alliance Dinner – “The changing of the tides, brought two pirate territories and captains together, and at arm’s. The switching seas and twitching swords made for a dueling match. The pirate rivals agreed to meet aboard Black Beards ship, where below deck an elaborate dinner was prepared, and planned to show off the many treasures yielded from years of pillaging. The finest fruits, flowers, gold, silver and of course Elaborate cut glass Heisey stemware and vessels adorned the swaying tablescape. Impressed by the extravagance of the table and cut glassware, the pirate captains agreed to join forces, and to capture and collect all of the beautiful treasures that had alluded their years of pirating.”