2017 HCA Convention Display

The purpose of this display is to help educate viewers to the many uses, styles, patterns, colors and varieties of Heisey glass. We hope you enjoy the efforts put forth by our members. Click on image to enlarge.

#1 – “Because of Winn-Dixie”
By Kaileigh Denning
This movie is tied to Heisey because of Winn Dixie grocery stores we have food to serve on our fabulous Heisey glass. We are using Sahara Ipswich, Winn Dixie grocery bags with Winn-Dixie brand products in them and a stuffed dog to represent the dog in the movie eating out of a Sahara bowl on floor.
#2 – “Film Noir”
By Sharon Oreinter
Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas and thrillers in the late 1940s and 50s. Could their stark lighting and smoky atmosphere have been part of the inspiration for Heisey’s dramatic Dawn color, created by E. Emmett Olson in February 1953? It certainly brought dark elegance to not only the very modern Town & Country and Roundelay, designed by Eva Zeisel, but also to some pieces in stylish classics like Saturn, Cabochon, Revere and Twentieth Century.
#3 – “Autograph Hounds of Tinseltown”
By Mary Olsen & Courtney Markuson
The glitter and glitz of the comedies and musicals produced in Hollywood during the years of the Great Depression helped Americans forget the country’s economic woes for a while. It was also the perfect time for Heisey to introduce Ridgeleigh – with its simple, sharp angles and ribs it brilliantly captures and reflects light, making it perfect for stylish Hollywood parties. Set for a gathering of fans visiting Hollywood to collect autographs from their favorite stars, this table features Ridgeleigh pieces, Lariat Moonglo stemware and decanter, and accent pieces in cobalt including a Carcassonne cigarette holder.
#4 – “The Green Mile”
By Walter Ludwig
“The Green Mile” leads to a lovely luncheon table set with Heisey’s Old Sandwich pattern in Moongleam.
#5 – “Grapes of Wrath”
By Jack Burriss
A table of Heisey’s Creole in Alexandrite.
#6 – “TARA”
By Will & Jeri Kennard
The year 1864 was not kind to the state of Georgia. However, when faced with adversity, one must carry on and use the manners with which you were reared.
#7 – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
By Bev & Bob Heise
The Kohinoor diamond and Tiffany’s iconic teal gift box set the tone. Zircon Stanhope, Saturn, and Kohinoor glassware plus an elegant Revere toast plate bring the glitz!
By Dayton Area Heisey Collectors Club
The glitz, glamor and star-power of Hollywood can’t compare with the elegance and sophistication of Heisey’s famous glassware. Enjoy star-gazing at Heisey’s biggest stars: “SATELLITE and LODESTAR”.


#9 – “There’s no glass like Heisey”
By Buckeye Heisey Collectors Club
This Wizard of Oz theme inspired table take you down the Yellow Brick Road to see the wonders of OZ and all the Heisey production colors along the way. The display is inspired from a publicity photo of Judy Garland drinking from a 4393 Narrow Flute soda.
#10 – #1401 Empress in Tangerine with #3335 Lady Leg in crystal stem with #680 Crusader cut
By Marilyn & Dick Smith
#11 – #1184 Yeoman with #3366 Trojan stems
By Marilyn & Dick Smith
#12 – “The GOLDEN Age of Hollywood”
By Michael & Kate Maher & Family
Marigold was a bold color that took the country by storm during the great depression, but also was doomed to fail. Marigold was only made for one year (1929-1930) due to I’s instability and effects of “crazing”. The bold color contained trace amounts of Uranium which is part of its demise. A bold color that time forgot can now make a GREAT IMPRESSION not depression!
#13 – “A Heisey Reception for Kentuckians in Hollywood”
By Vicki Ensor & the new Kentucky Heisey Study Club
Since the Kentucky group is the newest study club, they thought it would be great to introduce the 2017 Heisey National Convention attendees to some of the many celebrities who are also Kentuckians.
#14 – “And the Heisey goes to…………………”
By David & Tracy Dusenberry
It’s time for the big award of dawn and Sahara. Cocktails and appetizers all around … waiting … Who will the diamond H go too?
#15 – “Dinner Before the Show”
By Addyson, Brayden & Ella Dusenberry
Before heading to the show of glitz and glamour, sit down at dusk and enjoy a wonderful meal on your favorite Hawthorne piece. It is almost like you are dining with the stars of Hollywood.
#16 – “The DIVA”
By The Parrett Family
Hollywood’s “DIVA” Heisey dressing table including perfumes, covered powder puffs, lamps, ash trays and vases. She ready for the camera!


#17 – “A Black Tie Affair”
By Darlene Cochran
A 1930’s to 1940’s sit down dinner, after a premier movie showing, table featuring the Lariat pattern with some fun items including a top hat, formal gloves, zircon parade cane, a sparkly bracelet and several “black” plates. It is sure to be an enjoyable event!