Heisey News Author Eric Tankesley-Clarke

Below are articles written by Eric Tankesley-Clarke for Heisey News, the official publication of the National Heisey Collectors of America, Inc.  The articles are from back issues of Heisey News and we have received permission from the author to publish them here on our web site.  Each article can be saved directly to your desktop PC or tablet device. Simply right click on the opened file to save it as a PDF file.

150 Banded Flute and 600 Old Gold Match Stands
350 Pinwheel and Fan Cream and Sugar
353 Medium Flat Panel Ash Tray Nest
354 Wide Flat Panel Hotel Cream and Sugar
355 Quator Creams and Sugars
355 Quator Smoking Items and 1435 Individual Ash Tray
356 White Owl Match Stand Ash Tray
357 Duck Ash Tray
358 Solitaire
Heisey Knack for Reinvention Apparent in 359 Chesterfield Ash Tray & Match Stand
360 Winston Ashtray & Match Stand Handsome in Simplicity
361 Irwin Ash Tray and Cigarette Container
362 Bermuda Ash Tray
363 Wings Ash Tray
364 Pedestal Ash Tray
365 Rhombic Ash Tray
366 Salem Ash Tray
433 Greek Key Creams and Sugars
439 Fatima Individual Ash Tray
473 Narrow Flute With Rim Sugars and Creams
486 Edwill Revisited
500 Octagon Cream and Sugar
1180 Debra Cream and Sugar
1180 Trefoil Ash Tray
1231 Ribbed Octagon Cream and Sugar
1280 Winged Scroll Cream, Sugar, and Spoon
1295 Bead Swag Cream and Sugar Evokes Thoughts of Spring
1454 Diamond Point and 1535 Diamond Ash Trays
1483 Stanhope Cream and Sugar
1486 Coleport Individual Ashtray
1500 Bull’s Eye Ash Tray
1503 & 1503½ Crystolite Cream and Sugars
1503 Crystolite Round Floral Bowl in Dawn—Newark or Bellaire?
1506 Whirlpool Creams and Sugars
1590 Zodiac Sugar and Cream
1606 Double Four Concave Ash Tray
1951 Cabochon Cream and Sugar
“New” Pattern Appears in  8100 Horseshoe and Bull’S Eye
Cecelia and Stanhope: Zircon or Limelight?
Domino Sugars
Greek Key Jugs
Heisey Stack Sets
The Great Cover-Up or Sugars Exposed
Number, Please?
Revere, Yeoman, and Friends Parts 1 – 9
Taking Sides (Part 1 – 2 – Lessons 1 – 10)