Highlights of the 2017 HCA Spring Benefit Auction

Walter Ludwig

17SBA01We have finished cataloging the items for the 2017 Spring HCA Auction.  After four full days we have 1,411 lots for you to consider – this is an increase of a little over 100 lots from last year.  These offerings represent the full range of production of the Heisey Glass Company from their beginnings until the doors closed in 1957.  There is something for everyone in this auction from the standard production to true rarities that you never are given a chance to buy.

This is the auction to come to if you would like to start a collection, find the ideal wedding gift, or if you are a long time collector needing to add a special piece to your collection.  The auction abounds in those old standbys of 1469 Ridgeleigh, 1503 and 5003 Crystolite, 1540 and 5004 Lariat, 507 Orchid etch, 515 Heisey Rose etch, and many examples from Heisey’s colonial lines.  We have many lots of 1567 and 5067 Plantation throughout the auction but there are runs of the pattern in Lots 498 – 509 and 828 – 848.  This is an auction rich in candlesticks and baskets, but also this year we have an outstanding number of water pitchers and cream and sugar sets (183 – 221 as well as many other throughout the catalog).

17SBA06The animal collector will not be disappointed with the wide array of offerings including a 5 Show Horse (Lot 704) and 20 Mother Wood Duck (284).   There are 2 Medium Elephant (1335) and 3 Small Elephant (1334) both in Amber.

Among the old patterns there are a 335 Prince of Wales Plumes 1-pint decanter (353) and a 160 Locket on Chain 7” shallow bowl (606).  There are several good pieces of 305 Punty and Diamond Point including muffineer (345), scent bottle (346), and mucilage bottle (347).  In Emerald there is a beautiful 1255 Pineapple and Fan small cracker jar with good gold (1157).  Lot 229 contains six of the early puff boxes.  Among the colonial pieces is a 433 Greek Key cordial (1231) and a seldom seen 451 Convex Circle 8” nappy (154).  We also have a 350 Pinwheel and Fan 8” nappy in Vaseline (1267).

17SBA03The barware collector will like the number of lots containing shot glasses this year including a 2323 Navy with Cobalt base (628).  In addition we have a number of decanters, good examples include a 4027 Christos with 795 Will O’ the Wisp cutting (294), a 2401 Oakwood with 812 Sweet Briar cutting (292), a 3397 Gascony in Cobalt (1348), and a 3390 Carcassonne in Sahara with a Lotus etch featuring a butterfly (576).  In cocktail shakers there is a 1-quart 4225 Cobel with 921 Danish Princess cutting (1161), as well as a 1-quart 4225 Cobel in all Cobalt (1349).  Lot 1260 in a 1591 Storybook mug.  If you want a go along piece with a deep plate etching nothing could be better than a 1485 Saturn torte plate with 481 Lancaster etch (572).

Additional great pieces in color include a 4204 Joyce vase in Hawthorne with a gold rim (339).  In Harvey Amber there is a 201 tumbler (641) and a 586 Harvey House 12 ounce soda (776).  In Zircon there is a 1485 Saturn early design cruet (826) and a 4085 Saturn 6” ball vase (1158).  In Alexandrite we have a 1401 Empress 2-handled 12” sandwich (825) and a 1401 Empress 8” plate which was part of a set of 12 originally cut by Emil Krall (1386).  Lot 559 is a 4085 Kohinoor ftd juice in Trial Blue – unfortunately it has been reglued, but how many times do you have a chance to buy a piece in this rare color.

17SBA08Candlesticks are exceptionally strong throughout this auction, of note there are runs of lots at 734 – 765 and 990 – 1024.  Of special note are pairs of 1485 Saturn 1-light (761), 402 Gothic candelabra (818), and 21 Aristocrat desk candlesticks (991).  Lot 1339 is a pair of 301 Old Williamsburg low candelabra with Cobalt base and bobeches. The auction ends with two electro-portable lamps both with glass spiders – a 207 Patrician 11” with replacement globe (1410) and a 201 Windsor 9” with original Heisey globe with #1 Lance cutting (1411).

There are several sets of stemware available including 3350 Wabash – 23 pieces (236-238), 1E82 Omega with 1097 Wildfire cutting – 42 pieces (655–688), and 4091 Kimberley – 21 pieces (1136-1137).

There are three lots of Heisey Advertising pieces including 2 Heisey oval mirror store signs (718, 942) and a tin store sign for Heisey Flamingo ware (820).

Other interesting individual items include a 411 Tudor cigarette jar with ashtray lid with gold décor (335), 2 salad fork and spoon with beaded motif on handle (947), two 12 mayo spoons which were designed to go with the Plantation pattern (948), a 515 1-quart pitcher with lid with matching soda all with floral and enamel décor – both the lid and soda are marked (1020), and a rarely seen 1488 Kohinoor Rhine wine (1170).

Space limitations prevent me from going on, but as you can see there is plenty for offer in the auction.  I hope you will be able to join me and all of your Heisey friends for this great event.  I look forward to seeing you March 31 and April 1.