Highlights of the 2017 Fall Select Auction

by Walter Ludwig

2017FSA12The Fall Auction has now been cataloged and I can hardly wait to tell you all about it.  On October 14, there will be 321 lots offered for sale – almost 100 lots more than last year.  We are proud to say that this is probably the best auction we have ever had in terms of quality.  We have rarities throughout this auction – items which you may have never seen and have never had a chance to purchase.  I will list a few of these wonderful items here but be sure to look at the catalog because I just do not have the room to mention all of the great items we are offering in this auction.

The auction starts out with a group of water pitchers and jugs including the rarely seen 1405 Ipswich jug in Flamingo (Lot 8) and is followed by 11 Heisey baskets.  There are groupings of cruets (including a 1485 early Saturn squat (295)) and animals (including a 1 Mother Rabbit (201) and 104 Gazelle (212)).  Candlesticks are also well represented including pairs of 1447 Rococo (229), 1483 World (236), and 1485 Saturn two-light (239).

The auction is very strong in barware with many decanters and cocktail shakers (including 1503 Crystolite (99), 4004 Impromptu (100), 1404 Ipswich (102), and 1469 Ridgeleigh (103)).  Lot 162 is a 4027 Christos decanter in Alexandrite.  There is a 6060 Country Club double old fashion with 517 Winchester ’73 etch (125), 2052 old fashion with 476 Circus/Western Scene etch (127), and a 2401 Newton bar with 469 Mermaid etch (129).  Lot 155 is a 150 Banded Flute root beer mug.  Additionally there is a 1404 Old Sandwich oval decanter in Cobalt (170) and 5 matching bar glasses (171 – selling choice).

2017FSA08Other great items in Cobalt include a 1430 tall Aristocrat candy jar (165) and a 1420 Tulip vase (166).  A special item in Hawthorne is a 1184 Yeoman puff box with the rarely seen crystal insert (134).  A special Alexandrite piece is a 1401 8” round plate with super elaborate cutting (264).  Nice pieces of Moongleam include a 350 Pinwheel and Fan 8” nappy (189), 4218 Marilyn vase with Moongleam foot (215), a 1428 Warwick 9” vase (216), and a super rare 1252 Twist two part relish half Moongleam and half Sahara (196).

We have 21 lots of Zircon/Limelight in this auction including many stems: three pieces in 4085 Kohinoor (122, 299), nine pieces of 4083 Stanhope (123, 300-303), one piece 4091 Kimberly (113), and four pieces of 4090 Coventry including two goblets all Zircon (305) and two with only Zircon bowls (304).

If stems are your thing then we have some great early goblets: 160 Locket on Chain (175), 1049 Deshler (176), 704 Keller ale (177), and 804 Bismark (178).  There is also a 5064 Hydrangea with Dorothy Thorpe decoration (255).  There are a good number of rare wines and clarets but lots 105 – 120 offer a number of hard to find cordials including 3404 Spanish in Cobalt (114), 5040 Lariat double loop with 1003 Ivy cutting (115), 4091 Kimberly with Zircon bowl (113), three 3381 Creole Alexandrite (119 – selling choice) and one with Sahara bowl (106).

Two exciting vases included area a 444 three handled (20) and a 14 Plaid 32” (319).  Two nice pieces in early patterns include a 315 Paneled Cane molasses (143) and a 1776 Kalonyal mustard (146).

2017FSA10This auction has a number of lots in 1469 Ridgeleigh including an hors d’oeuvre plate (281), three dinner plates (487 – selling choice), four roly poly sets (288 – selling choice), a pair of cupped goblets (290), and a pair of 1469 ½ cupped 12 ounce sodas (291).

Other special pieces of note are a 10 Carter inkwell (46), a 1593 Prism marmalade (63), and a 1540 Lariat round egg plate (279).  One final piece is one which we had never seen before in the Museum, this is a 417 Double Rib and Panel high footed 10” bowl (47).  The piece is stunning and well-marked with the Diamond H.

Space prevents me from listing more but the full auction catalog is available to you in this issue of the Heisey News.   Please consider coming to this outstanding auction, or, if you cannot make it, send in an absentee bid on any of the great lots available.  I will be there and I hope to see you, too.