2019 HCA Convention

2019 HCA Convention
June 12-15, 2019

Hello “Race Fans”!

It was brought to my attention that the Schedule of Events for the convention that appeared in the April issue of the Heisey News was the draft. Look for the correct one in this issue.

There are no major changes but the “lottery winners only” phrase after the factory tours is incorrect. No lottery involved and there are two tours on the schedule and more can be added if there is a need. Also the time for Michael’s seminar is wrong. It should read 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm.

Our “champion stud” shared some info…depending on how many “racing fans” sign up for the factory tours, there will be more than one Amber Flying Mare by Imperial available for the drawing at the Welcome Dinner on Wednesday! Does this pique your interest??? It certainly does mine!

As mentioned in an earlier issue, the factory tour is one not to be missed! So much history about our “Heisey Madness” there…if only those walls could “whinny”!

We are hoping all of you will “race” into Newark on June 12th – 15th! The “Clubhouse” has planned an exciting “program”! Plus there will be all of that gorgeous glass the dealers will have in their “corrals”! Um…can’t wait!!! That is it for this month!

Your “co-jockeys”, Nickie Crowe, Bari Fauss, and Cheryl Hoskins