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Little Dreams
Round up tank sprayer (backpack style) 100.00
New Museum front entry sign 450.00
New (larger) cordial display case 1500.00
Children’s equipment (hands on learning) 600.00
Tile kitchen area in Lower Level 1000.00
Electrical lighting solutions Gallery 1 1600.00
King House power wash 1500.00
Metal railing repair to street 500.00
Doorstop updates 400.00
Hammers, extension cords, etc.  100.00
Big wheel cart 125.00
Removal of overgrown landscaping 1500.00
Interior Painting updates 3000.00
Window film in Hollywood Gallery (prevent fading) 100.00
Motion lights in alley ways (security) 200.00
Drone footage of the Museum (exterior) 150.00
Blue glaze jardinieres 200.00
Vacuum cleaner 400.00
Radio broadcast audio system. 250.00
Desk chairs (3) 375.00
Refrigerator with an ice maker lower level 1200.00
Table pads made for King House table 300.00
New large 3-ring binders – qty 40 for library 200.00
Update Heisey News bound for library 250.00